Sunday, 21 August 2011

Our first Lego project - 10210 Imperial Flagship

  • Model: 10210 Imperial Flagship
  • 1664 pieces
  • Released in 2010
  • Retail price: $179.99 USD

The Imperial Flagship is a true juggernaut. Armed with four cannon ports on each side, it dwarfs other Lego ships in terms of fire power. It is also probably the biggest ship Lego has created in terms of size (29"/75cm by 23.6"/60cm) - check out the number of masts and three sections. The intricate details of this ship are amazing - Lego must pay a bomb for its R&D department to hire designers and develop computer models to put together this ship, piece by piece.

Minifigs-wise, the Flagship comes with the captain, his daughter, a lieutenant and four soldiers; in terms of bad guys, there are the pirate captain and his sidekick. One might think that the number of soldiers is quite sufficient, but considering the need for hands on deck and four cannon ports on each side, six is probably the bare minimum. The lack of pirates, especially if the junior pirate is played as the ship's cook, is probably the another setback of this ship. We took about 12 hours over a span of three days to complete this beast. Enjoy!

The completed base. Four cannon ports and rudder!

Bottom layer of Flagship - a truly magnificent battleship with awesome firepower. However, as with most other Lego ships, the cannons are usually insufficient. The Flagship allows for eight cannons but the set comes with only four.

Kitchen. There's even a rotating chicken grill!

Prison cell for the pirate captain. The cell also stores the ship's anchor.

Prison cell with anchor and front mast!

Captain's quarters - the organ, the treasure box and the telescope! Complete with six opening windows too!

Top-down view of the captain's quarters

Above the captain's quarters

Deck view with soldiers and lieutenant

Raiding the captain's quarters!

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