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Our 16th Lego Project - 10224 Town Hall

1 year, 3 months and 13 days. That's how long it has taken this author to finally publish this post. If, as they say, procrastination is the thief of time and time is money, then Little Yellow Brick has probably lost a fortune.

Well, we do hope that we haven't lost too many readers (although your patience must be wearing very thin)! Without much further ado, Little Yellow Brick presents our long-awaited, overdue-is-the-epitome-of-understatements-to-describe, 10224 Town Hall!

  • Model: 10224 Town Hall
  • 2766 Pieces
  • Released in 2012
  • Retail price: $199.99 USD

  • Front view of the building!

    Front view of the box

    Back view of the box

    The largest modular building released by Lego yet, the Town Hall is a must-have for collectors, especially Modular series fan. With a clock and bell tower stacked on top of three storeys, this majestic structure dwarfs the other buildings in the series.

    The 10224 Town Hall is also the first Modular Building not to have stairs inside its structure - instead, it has an elevator to transport minifigs up and down its three floors.

    The 10224 Town Hall comes with 8 minifigs - the mayor, one town hall office staff, one town hall cleaner, two newly-weds, a wedding photographer, and two children.

    Display-wise, the 10224 Town Hall is an imposing building which would look grand on its own. Alongside its other Modular buildings, it makes for an increasing well-equipped Modular Town. As fans of the Modular series, we would recommend combining the 10224 Town Hall with all the other modular buildings - on that note, do stay tuned for our combined modular buildings post!

    We could probably go on all day about this mammoth building, but we would prefer to let the pictures do the talking. So, as usual, enjoy the pictures in the extended post!

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    3 manuals and a ton of bricks - it seemed to take forever just to build the first floor!

    First Floor
    The front view of the entrance. Check out the Roman columns!
    And note the interesting use of bread!
    A top-down view of the first floor
    Sneak peak into the interior of the Town Hall!
    Walkway leading to the Hall

    Closer view of the first floor office. Comes with a desktop computer and filing cabinet!

    View of the lift lobby, office and hall

    First Floor Lift Lobby

    Lift door open, ready for boarding!

    Elevator shaft. See the space on the top left hand side?
    It is meant to control the lift (more on that later!)

    Back view of the first floor. The lift is controlled by the knob on the bottom right

    Lift moved to the top of the first floor

    Back door leading into the hall

    A basement opening next to a creeper - not sure what it is for, as it doesn't lead to anywhere useful

    Office hours from 9am to 5pm!

    Lend me your ears!

    Second Floor

    The second floor - complete with balcony and windows with flowers!

    Top-down view of the second floor interior - mayor's office, secretary's table and carpet!

    A closer look at the elevator shaft and the secretary's desk!

    Mr. Mayor busy at work!

    Come in!

    Time to go home!

    All in a day's work!

    View from another angle!

    Back view - the black bob at the bottom right hand corner is meant to lock the lift to this floor

    First two floors combined - front view

    View from the top!

    Back view of the first two storeys

    "Second Floor: Mayor's office"

    Time to exit the lift!

    Great view from the balcony! 

     View from the back! Note the right side, which shows the lift being locked on the second floor.
    What ingenuity!

    Third Floor

    Cleaning in progress!

    Third floor - meeting area!

    View from another vantage point! 
    Young scientist at work!

    What is all this cleaning for?

     Well well well, there's a wedding going on!

    The groom looking smart, the bride looking gorgeous!

    Wedding photographer busy at work! Please do not block the camera!

    Cleaner's work in done - just in time! Off to the next assignment!

    View from the opposite angle

    Kids, stay away from the railing!

    First three storeys, with the lift parked on the third floor!

    10224 Town Hall - three floors and counting!


     Roof of the 10224 Town Hall, complete with clock, and bell tower!

    Back view of the roof! Glass ceiling for natural light!

    View from the left side

    View from the right 

     From the top -  a clearer view of the glass ceiling arches!

    Close-up shot of the clock and the year the Town Hall was established in Lego Town!

    View of the Town Hall bell!

    View of the back of the clock - ladder leading up to the bell tower

    So there you are Mr. Cleaner!

    Top view of the Town Hall
    Notice the latch on the right hand side opens to reveal the elevator shaft!

    Back view of the 10224 Town Hall!

    It's a busy day at the Town Hall!
     People getting married, mayor and staff going to work, children playing outside!

    From the left...

    And from the right!

    I pronounce you man and wife!

    More pictures for the wedding album!

    Bet you didn't spot that in our pictures earlier :)
    Here's the cleaner in his full setup! Bye!

    In summary, the 10224 is an impressive towering structure and a compulsory addition to the Modular Series family. While some features might be crude and somewhat puzzling (the lift has no walls, the basement opening leads to nowhere, etc), we still think it is a great build and would highly recommend readers to buy it.

    That's it from us for now. We will be posting a post of our growing Modular Town - as usual, stay tuned and thank you for your continued support!

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