Sunday, 21 August 2011

Our fourth Lego project - 10211 Grand Emporium

  • Model: 10211 Grand Emporium
  • 2181 pieces
  • Released in 2010
  • Retail price: $149.99 USD
Completed. :)
Well, we put our money where our mouths are, don't we? Presenting our first two Modular Buildings, the Green Grocer and Grand Emporium, side by side! Looking more like a town, doesn't it?

Back view of the Grand Emporium and Green Grocer!

Side view of the tiles - note how they match seamlessly from one building to the next!

What are buildings without minifigs? Let's line them up for a group shot! (Note: mannequins not included!)

We embarked on our second Modular Building project, the Grand Emporium, not long after we had completed the Green Grocer. Like the Grocer, building the Grand Emporium was very time-consuming but ultimately satisfying. The first floor was a seriously painstaking exercise as we had to meticulously tile most of the ground. Afterwards, the second and third floors were a relative breeze as we got the hang of building the escalators and the walls. We won’t bore you with the details, but like most large Lego structures, especially the “10” series, seeing the set slowly become the finished product, brick by brick, is a truly unforgettable experience.
The Grand Emporium comes with five townsfolk and two mannequins. Like the Green Grocer, it is probably nice to look at, but we felt that we would not be doing it justice if we left it on its own. We did not follow the sequence in building the Grand Emporium ahead of the Fire Brigade as we initially thought that the Emporium looked a lot nicer. Well, enjoy the view for now while we work on our next project – the Fire Brigade!

1st level, with the usual tiled surface typical of Modular Building series. Shop front comes with ice cream stand, dust bin, mail box and lamp post!

What would an emporium be without mannequins?

Ice cream, anyone? :)

Shopaholics unite!

Interior of the 1st level. Check out the minifig trying on pair of pants and the escalator. With 5 townsfolk minifigs in this Lego set, the Grand Emporium is a busy place!

Close-up shot of the interior of the 1st level

Peek from inside; check out the revolving door!

We can't get enough of the first floor, can we? The best shot of the minifig trying on the blue pants!

Ah, the 2nd level. Well, we moved the ice cream-loving boy here to check out the glasses and plates!

Side view of the second floor. Check out the escalators!

1st and 2nd level - 2/3 complete!

3rd level - toys department. Comes with chandelier!

Top-down view of the toys department and chandelier

What is an emporium without advertising? Billboard screams "BUY"!

Top-down view of the roof

Shot of 3rd level from the outside. The Grand Emporium's windows are kept nice and clean by our hardworking cleaner!

Since he is so hardworking, no harm taking another shot of him? Heh

The Grand Emporium from the left side; unlike most other Modular Buildings, the Grand Emporium is a corner landmark, linking adjacent buildings at right angles.

The Grand Emporium from the right side!

View from the back. No escape fire staircase!

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  1. Nice! Are these still for sale?

    1. Well, not all the sets are available in retail shops. At the point of writing the 3 earliest sets - Cafe Corner, Market Street and Green Grocer - are out of production and the Fire Brigade is going to be the next one. You should grab a set before they run out!