Saturday, 21 July 2012

Our 14th Lego project - 10223 Kingdoms Joust

  • Model: 10223 Kingdoms Joust
  • 1575 Pieces
  • Released in 2011 
  • Retail price: $69.99 USD

  • It's been a really long time, hasn't it? =) We do apologize for the long wait! Without any further ado, we present to you our 10223 Kingdoms Joust!

    Let the jousting begin!

    Bird's eye view of the jousting arena!

    With the completion of the 10223 Kingdoms Joust, we now have a fully built castle, jousting arena and market village in our growing medieval kingdom. Stay tuned for posts on two more series - the Lego Medieval Kingdom MOC and the Lego Kingdoms Series!

    In the meantime, as always, please check out our action-packed extended post!

    The 10223 Kingdoms Joust comes with many parts - the arching walkway and two towers; two wall extensions; two knight tents; a royal viewing gallery and a jousting fence.

    Front view of the walkway and towers!

    Back view of the walkway and towers - 6 rooms!

    Closer look at the roofs and walkway - check out the rat!

    Reading room, Princess Room, and two entrances!

    Right side - Dining area, reading room, entrance!

    Reading room - with stained glass window!

    Left side - make up room, Princess room, entrance!

    The princess room - open balcony for viewing!

    Left wall extension in open format, complete with stable hand!

    Closed view

    Back view!

    Left extension with tower!

    Another shot of the left tower and extension!

    Right extension - baron's manor? =p

    Closed form - getting claustrophobic!

    Bachelor's pad? =)

    With the right tower!

    Another shot of the right tower and extension!

    Front view of the walkway and extensions!

    Back view of the walkway and extensions!

    Knight's tents - mace and axe!

    Royal viewing gallery with the King and Queen!

    Back view of the viewing gallery!

    Royal viewing gallery with the walkway as the backdrop!

    Jousting fence - both sides of it!

    View of jousting fence with royal viewing gallery and walkway as backdrops!

    We have so far seen the King and Queen, Princess, baron and stable hand. Let us introduce the other minifigs in the set - the guards and the knights.

    Falcon and Lion Knights with guards

    It is time for the joust. Let's see how the game progresses!

    I declare the games open!

    Falcon Knight taking his position...

    ... and so does his Lion opponent!

    Round 1 in progress!

    The knights approach each other!

    Standby for contact!


    The knights seem ok...

    End of Round 1!

    Round 2 begins!




    Round 2 ends without a clear winner

    Round 3 - no shields!

    Wait for it...

    Almost there...

    Impact! Who is going to be the winner?

    Surprise surprise - double KO!

    Guards rush over for first aid!

    Knights feeling better after a bruising joust!

    End of joust!

    Today's joust ends in a draw - till next time!

    The 10223 Kingdoms Joust makes for a great standalone set, but we would recommend displaying it with the 7946 King's Castle in castle or border pass forms. With addition of the 10193 Medieval Market Village, we have in place a lively Lego medieval kingdom.

    We do apologize for the long delay in publishing this post, as we have been busy with work commitments. As always, we will look to publish interesting building experiences of our Lego collection, so please check out our blog for updates!

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