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Our 12th Lego project - 10193 Medieval Market Village

  • Model: 10193 Medieval Market Village
  • 1601 Pieces
  • Released in 2009
  • Retail price: $99.99 USD

10193 Medieval Market Village
A typical day at the Medieval Market Village!
Close-up shot of the village!
 View of the village with both buildings opened!

As mentioned in our previous post, we had a change of heart for this set. With its numerous minifigs, animals and eye-catching palette of colours, the 10193 Medieval Market Village was simply a set that had to be part of our collection!

Released in 2009 as part of the Castle series, the 10193 Medieval Market Village makes a great standalone set. It comes with two buildings - a tavern and a blacksmith-stable - which can be be played in open and closed format. Contrast this with our Winter Village series, where the buildings are only half complete and can only be displayed from the front. Another reason why we had bought this set was that it was a good fit with sets from the Lego Kingdoms Series, from which we have already purchased the 10223 Kingdoms Joust. The 10193 Medieval Market Village does not come with any mythical creatures such as trolls or dragons, so we did not have to face the dilemma of abandoning any Lego pieces.
There are many parts to our building experience, and we think it would best do this set justice if we analyzed in detail with pictures in the extended post below. Do be warned - it will be a long read, but we hope you won't be disappointed! As usual, do stay tuned for our future posts!

The 10193 Medieval Market Village can be analyzed three parts: the Tavern, Blacksmith-Stable, Marketplace and Townsfolk.

The Tavern
The Tavern, like the Blacksmith-Stable, can be played in closed or open format. The closed format allows for a 360-degree view of the building, while the opened format showcases the attention to detail that Lego has put into designing the various rooms.

Closed view
Shopfront, complete with signage!
Left side, complete with the hinge (see the base) and the chimney!

Back of the Tavern - nice architecture! 
Right side with staircase that leads to the second floor!
In its closed form, the Tavern is a neat two-storey pub, complete with an external staircase that leads to the second floor. The mix of blue, grey and brown gives the Tavern a nice medieval feel. The one comment we have is that in the closed form the inside of the Tavern does look a bit dark.

Opened view
The opened form has two main advantages. Firstly, the Tavern's facade area is immediately doubled, as the back part swings around to form the shopfront; secondly, it does not look that dark peering through the windows of the Tavern.
See what we mean by doubling of shop facade area? :)
Back view of the Tavern!
The Tavern comes in four quadrants. On the ground floor, there are the living area i.e. the entrance, and the wine cellar aka medieval pub. On the second floor, which is accessible by the staircase on at the side, there are the makeup room and living quarters.
View of the entrance and the makeup room!
Comes with accessories and drawers!
Right side of the Tavern!
Close-up of the pub!
Medieval hotel suite!

The Tavern is a complete medieval hotel, complete with with a wine bar and VIP suite (if you close the Tavern up, the makeup room and bedroom combine into one big room. Very nice indeed!

The Blacksmith-Stable
As the name suggests, this building produces fighting equipment and serves as the holding area for the village horse.
Closed view
Blacksmith - waterwheel on the left, signage on the right!
Left side of the building. See the horse's head on the left? :)
Stable - room for two!
Right side, complete with the hinge!
The Blacksmith-Stable is a more cheerful-looking building compared to the Tavern. Its design is also very clever, incorporating two separate businesses under one roof. The mix of brown, beige and black give the building a more cottage feel, bringing out the village theme of this set. The only consideration we have for this building is that it might get a bit warm and stuffy for the horse if the blacksmith is at work!

Opened view
In its opened form, the stable and blacksmith are positioned side by side, giving the building a grander feel.

Again, a doubling of facade area!
Back view of the building!
Work-life balance? :P
Side view - don't you just love the carrot!
The Blacksmith-Stable comes in four quadrants - on the first floor, we have the stable and the blacksmith, while on the second floor we have the kitchen and the dining area.
Blacksmith shop - but where is the blacksmith?
Maybe we don't really need him? :P
There he is, with his completed works!
Dining area. Is that the face of the owner?
Kitchen. Is that the face of the other owner?
Brighter shot of the oven!
Ready for baking!
The Blacksmith-Stable is a self-sufficient building with shops and living quarters. Its light-coloured facade, complete with its white windows, contrasts well with the Tavern. The only design flaw we have spotted is the lack of a staircase to reach the second floor.
The Marketplace and Townsfolk
Like the Lego Winter Village sets, the 10193 Medieval Market Village comes in many loose structures. We would describe these parts which we have named as the Marketplace, and showcase the structures together with the village folk.
Wait a minute, doesn't she look like the picture in the kitchen? :)
Open for business! Watch out for unwanted pests though!
Blacksmith posing with the fresh flowers and fruits!
What a spread!
Welcome to join us, sir!
Wait for us!
The animals of the 10193 Medieval Market Village - the rooster, hen, duck and rat!
Cows and frog too!
Introducing the village tree!
And the horse!
Who says that only horses can pull wagons?
Busy at work - what are they transporting?
It's all about the money!
Activity at the Blacksmith-Stable!
Buzzing at the Tavern and Marketplace!
The 10193 Medieval Market Village is a complete Lego set that comes with two full buildings, a well stocked market stall, livestock, village folk and soldiers. We envision it complimenting our collection from the Lego Kingdoms Series, starting with the 10223 Kingdoms Joust. For now, do enjoy this post (and our other entries of different Lego series) and stay tuned for future building posts!
Bull run! :)
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