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Our 11th Lego project - 10182 Cafe Corner

  • Model: 10182 Cafe Corner
  • 2056 Pieces
  • Released in 2007
  • Retail price: $249.99 USD
10182 Cafe Corner
Here it is!

It has been a long time, hasn't it? We received this secondhand set by post in October 2011; over 20 entries and three built Lego Winter Village sets later, we are proud to present to you our 11th Lego project - 10182 Cafe Corner!

The 10182 Cafe Corner is the first set of Lego's Modular Buildings series. An artistic palette of yellow, beige, white, brown, red and grey, this set exudes grandeur of a hotel with a cafe on the first floor. Not surprisingly, the pavement is fully tiled. The first floor boasts two umbrellas with seats on the left side, and a bench on the right - the outward orientation of the bench suggests it could be a bus stop. The second floor facade is a cacophony of beige, brown, white and red. Symmetrical at the sides, the second storey boasts four windows on each side and one in the middle. The third storey is the same as the second - the left side a mirror image of the right, with another window facing the front. Like the 10211 Grand Emporium, the symmetry and grandeur make the 10182 Cafe Corner a beautiful corner building connecting other Modular Buildings - more on that in a later post!

While its external facade commands rave reviews, the same cannot be said of the interior of the 10182 Cafe Corner. There is nothing inside. Yes, you read that right - there really is nothing inside. It intrigues us that the interior of the first storey, past the front door, is empty. Logically speaking, if there are seats and umbrellas serving cafe customers, shouldn't there be some sort of kitchen or coffee machine inside? Let us move on and discuss the second and third floors, which are accessible from the flight of stairs on the right side of the building. If the building is what we think it is - a hotel, given the huge billboard hanging on the side - we should reasonably expect some beds, shouldn't we? Once again, the second and third storeys also have nothing to show for. If every cloud has a silver lining, perhaps we could turn this building into a MOC with our expression of what a cafe cum hotel should be - do stay tuned!

At Little Yellow Brick we are generous with our compliments, but also quick to offer constructive feedback on the projects we have embarked on. For the 10182 Cafe Corner, much has been said about its visual impact; we shall now focus on the practicality of the building design. It is interesting to note that this building does not have a backdoor - the only exit for hotel guests on the second and third floors (let's assume we manage to create some beds upstairs) is the narrow staircase at the front. Contrast this with the 10185 Green Grocer, which has a fire escape staircase. A design flaw - but at least Lego realized this and set things right with its subsequent Modular Buildings. Another thing which did not really make sense was that the pavement was fully tiled, leaving no room for the dustbin. Maybe it was meant to be inside the building - or maybe not, given that there is nothing else inside. Again, this error has been rectified in subsequent sets.

In terms of play experience, with 3 minifigs it is relatively challenging to play with the 10182 Cafe Corner. On the other hand, the building makes for a great display, for the reasons mentioned above. However, let us not, in the admiration for its aesthetical magnificence, forget that there was a reason for its existence and design: the 10182 Cafe Corner was meant to be a corner building, landmark linkage to other Modular Buildings to its left and right sides at right angles. If you have read our previous posts - and if you have not we do encourage you to check out the related posts at the bottom of the extended post - you will be familiar with our blogging style. Initial comments on the 10182 Cafe Corner as a part of our now complete Modular Town can be summarized into three words: we love it. Well, we have probably said too much. We will be posting another entry on our six Modular Buildings, so do stay tuned. In the meantime, we invite you to celebrate the beautiful project that is 10182 Cafe Corner by checking out the pictures in our extended post!

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First floor of the Cafe Corner!

Smooth, glossy pavement tiles!

Seats for cafe customers...

... but where's the cafe?

Eagle eye view of the first floor!

Back view of the first floor - no backdoor!

Bus stop?

Staircase on the right side...

With stairs leading to the the hotel room on the second floor...

...but where's the furniture for the room?

External view of the left side of the second floor...

...a mirror image of its right side!

Check out the front window!

The second floor from a slightly different angle! Check out the design at the top!

Two-thirds complete!

Close-up of the main entrance!

The left side...

And the right side!

Back view - first floor grey, second floor brown!

The interior of the first two floors

Closer look at the staircase. Notice there are no side railings

On to the top floor!

Statues at every window!
Ditto for the right side!

Parrots facing four different directions!

Empty shell inside. Again!

Same railing finish as the second floor

Bright windows!

Slap on the roof...

... and we have the full third floor!

Left side of the complete third floor - check out the roof railings!

Just like a mathematical question, right hand side = left hand side!

The completed 10182 Cafe Corner!

View from a slightly different angle, but no less grand!

Cafe by the pavement on one side...

Bench and staircase on the other side!

And the back... still doesn't make sense! :)

That's all for now! Stay tuned for our post on combining the 10182 Cafe Corner with the rest of our Modular Buildings for our Growing Lego Modular Town!

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