Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Our Growing Lego Modular Town - Four and Counting

Now that we have completed our Pet Shop, we thought we would post pictures of our latest addition to our Lego Modular Buildings series with its predecessors. In a break from previous practice, we are publishing the pictures in a separate post for two reasons: we had a lot of pictures and comments on the Pet Shop to share, and we felt that our collection was large enough to command an entry by itself.

Let's do a recap of our Lego Modular projects:

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Our first Modular building - 10185 Green Grocer

The 3rd Modular building released by Lego, it comprises green grocer on the ground level and apartments on the 2nd and 3rd floors

Our second Modular building - 10211 Grand Emporium

The 5th Modular building released by Lego, it is a 3-storey corner building with escalators

Our third Modular building - 10197 Fire Brigade

The 4th Modular building released by Lego, it consists of a ground level fire station and resting area on the 2nd floor

Our fourth Modular building - 10218 Pet Shop

The 6th Modular building released by Lego, it consists of two separate blocks. The reddish-brown block is a 3-storey apartment with a basement, while the sky blue shophouse on the right comes with a ground level pet shop and two levels of living quarters

Our Growing Modular Town

Our four Modular buildings; appreciate the seamless linkage in floor tiles and rooftops!

Back view of our four Modular buildings!

Where all the little people come alive!

Thanks to the Grand Emporium, we are able to connect the Modular buildings at right angles! 

We spy our hardworking painter touching up the windows...

Front view of our last two Modular buildings

The four Modular buildings have several similarities:
  • Lamp posts
  • Mail boxes
  • Covered front floor tiles
  • Potted plants
What are we missing so far? Well, we have yet to build the Cafe Corner and Market Street, which are the first two sets released by Lego; we are looking forward to collecting them. We anticipate issues with display space; one solution could be to link the Grand Emporium to the Cafe Corner to create two parallel rows of shophouses.

Let us imagine that we have a crystal ball and make an educated guess on what could be on horizon for this series:
  • Post office: that would make sense, given that each building has a mail box, right?
  • Police station: Lego can probably easily adapt their previous police station sets to fit this series
  • Town hall: for the town folk to hang out?
  • Bus interchange: it would be too difficult to create a subway system, but how about a bus interchange to ferry our town folk around town?
  • Bank: at the very least, some ATMs?
Our guess is as good as yours. Well, we look forward to new interesting sets from Lego, stay tuned for future posts!

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  1. Nice, good luck with the remaining modulars.
    you might consider having road plates and some vehicles :)

  2. Thanks for the compliments! Will keep in mind your suggestions! :)