Thursday, 29 September 2011

Little Yellow Brick Pick #1 - 10199 Winter Village Toy Shop

We went to the Toys Hunt sale yesterday! Look what we got, at 20% off!

10199 Winter Village Toy Shop

Front view of the box. Looks too pretty to be opened!

Close-up shot! The happy minifigs will make our Modular town more lively!

Back view of the box. It's going to be a challenge to replicate the background! :)

Released in 2009, the Winter Village Toy Shop is the first building in Lego's Seasonal subtheme under the broader Town theme. The other set in this Seasonal series is the 10216 Winter Village Bakery , released in 2010. Since the series fits our Modular Town so well, we have decided to collect this series as well! More on the Winter Village Bakery when we get our hands on a set!

Lego has announced that it will also be releasing the 10222 Winter Village Post Office this year, and we will be looking forward to adding a set to our collection.

At 815 pieces, the Winter Village Bakery is very much smaller than our Modular Buildings, which are over 2,000 pieces each. Nevertheless, we believe they will add a cheery mood to our Modular Town.

Well, we will stop here for now. Once we have finished building the Winter Village toy Shop, we will publish a post on it. As always, stay tuned!

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