Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thank You For The Hits!

Just now, we logged into Blogger to look at the stats for today and guess what we found! Today is by far the most diversified group of viewers on our humble blog in a day!

When we first created the Little Yellow Brick on 21 Aug (just over a month ago), we were hoping to gain traction with fellow Lego fans in Singapore before slowly reaching out to friends from other countries. At the time of publication, we have had 635 visitors from countries including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands and Russia.

It has been mindblowing for us to know that we have viewers from four continents. We have had great fun building our Lego sets and blogging about it, and we will endeavour to continue sharing our experience and opinions on our various Lego projects. Once again, we thank you for your views, and we hope you will continue to visit Little Yellow Brick often!

Update (24 Sept 2011):
We've set up the flag counter on the right column! Look forward to having all the countries we mentioned on the counter, plus new ones as well! :)


  1. all the best! reminds me of all the hardwork i did for my blog, this is a good start for a new blog.

  2. Thanks! Hope to be as successful as your blog! :)