Sunday, 4 September 2011

Tips to Save You Time and Tears During Lego Building

We all know that the complete Lego experience involves building, displaying and playing. But we dare say that many of us have occasionally endured frustration and wasted much time hunting for that elusive piece in a sea of Lego blocks. Well, we would like to share our experience on how to save some time and cut down on unnecessary spikes in blood pressure. They are not rocket science but simple habits and items that are easily done and obtained.

1. Build on a clear table top and sit on seats with backrest. The clear table top, preferably white, provides a good contrast to the Lego blocks and facilitates location of Lego pieces. When we built the Imperial Flagship, we had a hard time searching for pieces on the brown coloured floor; sitting on the floor did not help our backs either.

2. Follow the pack numbers. This is probably the most obvious advice, but it is important! For our Modular Buildings, each pack number matched an instruction manual, which corresponded to a floor.

3. Invest in some containers. Do you always throw away those plastic containers after having your wanton noodles, chicken rice or soup? Well, could we suggest a second life for them as Lego containers. Putting the blocks into the containers ensures that no piece gets lost.

4. Keep the plastic packs. It is easy and tempting to just throw the plastic Lego bags away. However, we would suggest that you hold off from doing so just yet in case you missed out on some pieces. We missed out on a window for the Grand Emporium; on closer inspection of the opened Lego bags, we found the transparent window in one of the packs.

5. Sort the blocks using colours and size. It is no use throwing all like-coloured blocks into one container - finding a particular block, especially a small one, will still be a painful task. Try sorting similar-sized blocks, such as longer 1 x 6 and 2 x 4 pieces in one container, and the minute 1 x 1 pieces in another. Additionally, putting blocks of contrasting colours together helps make the search process easier too.

We all know that building Lego involves time and effort, and many of us take pride in the process. However, we don't think that we should lengthen the building duration and get upset for the sake of bragging how "hard" it was to build that set. So do try out our tips and let us know if they work!

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