Wednesday, 14 September 2011

For Sale #1 - 10193 Medieval Market Village [SOLD!]

Calling all Lego deal hunters!

As the first post of our For Sale Series, we are putting up a new set of 10193 Medieval Market Village up for sale!

Some specs:
Pieces: 1601 (if building the 1664-piece Imperial Flagship was anything to go by, this set will take you quite a few hours to complete!)
Lego release date: January 2009
Box play status: Unopened
Box Damage: Dented at the sides and top

Additional remarks from Little Yellow Brick
We fell in love with the Medieval Market Village when we came across it at one of the local Lego shops earlier this year, so we decided to buy a set back. Very nice cottagey look, but we are running out of space with our two ships (see our Imperial Flagship and Brickbeard's Bounty posts) and three-and-counting Modular Buildings (see our Green Grocer, Grand Emporium and Fire Brigade entries).

We believe in transparency and full disclosure as we would expect the same from those whom we buy Lego sets from, and what we would say about this Lego set is that the box is dented. While this might put off some fussy builders or buyers looking to give this as a present, it is still in very reasonable condition.

For more information on 10193 Medieval Market Village, please click on the link below:

Please contact us at if you're interested! :)

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