Saturday, 9 November 2013

Our Growing Lego Modular Town - Seven and Counting

It has been an eventful November thus far. Where shall we start? Well, last week, Mr. and Mrs. Little Yellow Brick were at Legoland Malaysia! The trip is worth a post by itself, and is not the focus of today's post.

Per Little Yellow Brick tradition, a new addition to the Modular Building series is followed by a post on the ever-expanding town. So without any further ado, we present to you (rather belatedly) our Growing Lego Modular Town - Seven and Counting!

Put another way, this post could also be renamed the Complete Lego Modular Town 2012, given that the latest building to this series is the 10224 Town Hall!

We have truly come a long way since our first Modular Building purchase. Today we have 7 completed Modular Buildings, with our 8th, the 10232 Palace Cinema, to be added to the collection once we get down to building it! We have presented the buildings in one entire stretch, which is the last opportunity for us to do so as the 10232 Palace Cinema is the 3rd corner building after the 10182 Cafe Corner and 10211 Grand Emporium. Not sure if Lego is going to create a 4th, that would be pretty strange to have the buildings form a rectangle given that some of the buildings have a functioning back exit, such as the 10197 Fire Brigade, which allows the fire truck to enter and exit.

Enough talk for now. We shall leave you to enjoy this long-overdue post (more pictures in the extended post). As always, thank you for supporting Little Yellow Brick!

For the extended post, click here.

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Front top view of our 7 Modular Buildings. It is getting harder to get all the buildings together for a picture!

Bustling Lego Modular Town!

A little quieter on the other end of town!

Thus far, we have only shown you what it is like if all the buildings were along the same street. What about a town with buildings extending from the other end of the corner buildings? Well, let's check out one such arrangement.

Much activity at the 10218 Pet Shop and 10211 Grand Emporium!

Quieter on the side of the 10182 Cafe Corner and 10190 Market Street! Incidentally, they are the two oldest sets released by Lego in the Modular Building Series!

Eagle eye view of the Lego Modular Town!

We have made the deliberate decision to keep this post light on individual Modular Building pictures and information. For more details, please check out our individual posts in the URLs below.

As always, stay tuned for our next post! (Hint: it will appear in the VERY NEAR FUTURE!)

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