Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Our 13th Lego project - 7946 King's Castle

  • Model: 7946 King's Castle
  • 933 Pieces
  • Released in 2010
  • Retail price: $99.99 USD
7946 King's Castle
Border Pass Form!

Castle form!

We bought the 7946 King's Castle as an addition to our growing medieval collection; today, we are proud owners of 10193 Medieval Market Village, 10223 Kingdoms Joust and 7188 King's Carriage Ambush. We intend to build up a medieval kingdom using these sets - we encourage all readers to watch this space!

The 7946's King Castle can be played either as a castle or a border pass; regardless of form, the objective is the same: the Lion troops, led by the King, aim to keep out the Dragon army, led by the Knight. The set comes with 5 Lion and 3 Dragon minifigs, together with a warhorse and a rat.
The set can be played in either form, although for standalone purposes the castle form would make for a better display. Together with other sets, it would probably be more fun to have the 7946 King's Castle as a border pass.
As usual, we have a more complete write-up in the extended post. Stay tuned for our future posts about building up our medieval kingdom collection!

The 7946's King's Castle is about the struggle between the Lion and Dragon factions - it is on this note that we shall start our extended post.

The Lion army
The King's warhorse - the helmet makes it look like a unicorn!

Mirror image on the right side!

The King and his warhorse, without its armour!

The Lion King and his warhorse, ready for battle!

The reason for the struggle - money!

Dragon Knight and his troopers!

With the minifigs and animals out of the way, let us now touch on the building blocks of the 7946's Castle: a King's Tower, two guard towers, two walls, a prison wall, a border pass, and a prison wall.

 Building blocks

King's Tower!

Left view - it connects the tower at right angles to adjacent blocks
Right side - the throne is on the third floor

Close-up of the second floor - what could it be?

Back view - second floor leads to the King's treasure box!

The King on his throne!

Front view of the guard towers - mirror images of each other!

Back view of the guard towers - the first floor allows the guards to look outside the castle

Guard towers with the Lion defenders

Medieval sniper!
Front view of the walls!
Back view of the walls - weapons store and horse feed!

Meal time! 
Training hard!

The prison - part of the wall!

Now you see him...

Now you don't!
The pass with drawbridge up
Back view - the drawbridge is controlled by the horizontal bar. Check out the resting area on the mezzanine level on the second floor!

Even with the drawbridge down, the gate provides a secondary barrier!

The gate is controlled by the turnstiles on the side and the red lock!
View of the fully opened pass!

Looks like a brown carpet!

The front of the high guard tower - connects at right angles

Large catapult to keep marauding invaders at bay!
View from the side - first floor for snipers!

Back view - design flaw!

 Finally, we analyze the two forms - the castle and the border pass.
The castle looks intimidating, with its high walls and catapults on three sides. If one looks at the castle from the front, the castle seems like a formidable barrier for any invading army.
No way through (but did someone forget to let the King in?) :p
One more step, my friend!
Inside view of the pass!
Sentries on duty!

Just too bad aircraft wasn't invented in those days!
Left view of the castle - two guard towers!

Right view - guard tower and King's Tower!

Castle back view - design flaw!
Guard on the left side - no chance for the Dragon trooper!

Pathway leading to the high guard tower!

High guard tower with large catapult that shouts "back off!"
Top view of the left side!

Inside view of the left side, complete with mace and sword!

What a bad design flaw - the invading troops could easily enter the castle here!
The prison, complete with the rat!

The prison, with the wall intact...

Prison break!
The King's Tower

This totally does not make sense to us - does it make sense to you?
Pathway leading to King's Tower

Top view of the back half!

View of the right wall on the inside

And the front right guard tower concludes the tour of the castle!
Border Pass
Last but not least, we present to you the border pass. Effectively a long stretch of high wall, it acts as a barrier to the kingdom and its peaceful villages and infrastructure!

Better luck next time!
We have come to the end of this entry. As usual, please do log onto our blog - better still, be our follower - when you have the time to check out our new posts. We will be posting in the very near future on our Lego medieval kingdom - a combination of the 10193 Medieval Market Village and the 7946 King's Castle! :)

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  1. u guys going into castle & kingdoms now.....

  2. That's right! :) We intend to build our own Medieval Kingdom MOC! In fact, we have already prepared a set of pictures for the first instalment! Stay tuned!