Sunday, 4 September 2011

Imperial Flagship vs Brickbeard's Bounty!

Our first two Lego projects were the Imperial Flagship and Brickbeard's Bounty. After building both ships, we thought, what would happen if we put both ships side by side? Well, let's find out!

Before we start, let us do a recap of our two ships:

Imperial Flagship

Production Release: in 2010
Pieces: 1664
Dimension: 29"/75cm by 23.6"/60cm
Firepower: 2 x 4 side cannon ports; 4 movable cannons
Speed: Moderate; three masts tempered by size, anchor and one more cannon
Imperial side: 7 (1 captain, 1 captain's daughter, 1 lieutenant and 4 soldiers)
Pirate side: 2 (1 senior and 1 junior pirate)

Brickbeard's Bounty

Production Release: in 2009
Pieces: 592
Dimension: 22"/56cm by 17"/44cm
Firepower: 2 x 2 side cannon ports; 2 movable cannons + 1 mounted cannon
Speed: Fast; smaller in size and no anchor but one less mast
Pirate side: 6 (1 senior, 1 female and 4 junior pirates)
Imperial side: 2 (1 lieutenant and 1 soldier)

Before we start...

Remember we commented that six soldiers for the Imperial Flagship was the bare minimum? Well, we decided to do something about it! We bought 1 lieutenant and 1 soldier. Here they are:

Can't really remember how much each minifig cost, maybe S$5.50? Quite a ripoff huh. Anyway, for those of you who are thinking of buying more minifigs for your ship(s), do note that the lieutenant does not come with the red feather, while the soldier does not come with the blue epaulette / shoulder pads (this sounds wrong!)

Anyway, so here's the new fighting balance:
Imperial: 11 (1 captain, 1 captain's daughter, 3 lieutenants and 6 soldiers)
Pirate: 8 (2 senior, 1 female and 5 junior pirates)

Imperial Flagship vs Brickbeard's Bounty
A shot of the full-blown action from afar!

Close-up of Imperial troops vs Pirates!

If we could add two more Imperial troops, surely we could make the monkey an elite fighting force? :) Also, check out the partially hidden senior and junior pirates on the left side (peekaboo blue bandana) dueling three soldiers!

And if we could make the monkey an elite fighting force, perhaps we could also make the shark a little hungry? :p

Making use of the mounted cannon!

Well, we didn't buy any coastal Imperial or Pirate bases, so we won't be publishing a post on that for now! As with our previous posts on these two ships, building them was very fun, but playing both ships off each other was even more enjoyable. We would recommend that Lego ship enthusiasts try playing them both, and perhaps give us more battle scenarios!

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