Sunday, 29 June 2014

Little Yellow Brick WTB: Looking for 6051 Duplo Play with Letters

Hello everybody!

We are looking for this set. If you have one and willing to sell it to us/ship to Singapore, let us know the condition of the set, price, shipping cost and estimated shipping period. Drop us an email!

Thank you!

Our 10185 Green Grocer is still available! Drop us an email if keen! Thanks!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Little Yellow Brick Pick #14 - 10243 Parisian Restaurant

Happiness comes in a HUGEEEEEE Amazon box today! :) Was surprised to see our Amazon purchases when we returned from work this evening! We eagerly opened the box to find our 10243 Parisian Restaurant! And the box was in great condition!! Yay to more online purchases from Amazon! 

Front of 10243 Parisian Restaurant

Back of 10243 Parisian Restaurant

As usual, we apologise for our lack of updates. We haven't purchased many Lego sets of late, and although the 10244 Lego Fairground Mixer and 31026 Bike Shop and Cafe look quite tempting (to Mrs Little Yellow Brick), we aren't sure if we would be purchasing them to add to our collection.Well, don't fret.. you can be sure we will continue our Winter Village series once the next Winter Village set is on sale! :)

On a personal note, I am thankful for a good half year so far. We have collected our keys to our home, and... just maybe.. we could have a cabinet displaying our Lego collection; if space permits! :) 
We will definitely post photos on Little Yellow Brick if we do so!

On another happy note, we are about 12 weeks more to welcoming Baby Little Yellow Brick! Although I wouldn't be purchasing Disney Princess Duplo (Ooooooooooooh 41055 Cinderella's Romantic Castle) and Lego Friends (Are you reading Mr Little Yellow Brick? Where's my Olivia's House?!?), I guess Baby Little Yellow Brick wouldn't mind a Duplo Zoo / Train Set. Hehehehe.

I'm very thankful for a blessed year so far. Meanwhile, do look out for our next entry on the 10243 Parisian Restaurant! We will definitely try to build it before I pop! :)

- Mrs Little Yellow Brick :)