Friday, 4 November 2011

Our eighth Lego project - 10199 Winter Village Toy Shop

  • Model: 10199 Winter Village Toy Shop
  • 815 Pieces
  • Released in 2009
  • Retail price: $59.99 USD
With Christmas over a month away, how about a Lego blog entry to kickstart the festive season? :)

Bob the builder time - Winter Village Toy Shop pieces

10199 Winter Village Toy Shop - buzzing with activity!

 Let's line everyone up for a picture!

7 minifigs, 1 snowman, 1 robot, 1 jack in the box and 1 cat!

 The Winter Village Toy Shop comes with lighting!

At 815 pieces, the 10199 Winter Village Toy Shop is much smaller than any of our Modular Buildings. However, this set makes up for its lack of size with vibrant use of colours, numerous minifigs, and real lighting within the shop.

Visually speaking, the Winter Village Toy Shop is the prettiest Lego set we have built. It makes for an excellent display on its own; it has sufficient minifigs and structures (a shop, a bench and a Christmas tree) to stand alone. Its lack of a base plate to hold all the structures together could be turned into an advantage: the various pieces can be arranged in any order to vary the view. Do click on the full post to see the rest of the pictures for a visual feast!

Given that Christmas is round the corner, the 10199 Winter Village Toy Shop is definitely handy addition to any Lego collection. We had a great time building it - stay tuned for our posts on the 10216 Winter Village Bakery and 10222 Winter Village Post Office, once we manage to get our hands on them! :)

 Mr Snowman, where is your nose?

Welcome, welcome!

Aha! I see your nose, Mr Snowman!

Nose job!

 The Chronicles of 10199 - the Robot, the Jack in the Box, and the Cat!

Skiing time!

 Matching colours!

Preparing for Christmas!

Carolling practice!

Christmas decoration!

Multi-coloured lighting for our Christmas tree!

Winter Village Toy Shop from the left side - one pine tree!

 Winter Village Toy Shop from the right side - two more pine trees!

 Back view of the Winter Village Toy Shop - unlike the Modular Buildings, this set is not fully covered at the back

Inside the shop! Toys on display! A toy robot or choo-choo train anyone?

Fire place and chimney!

 Second floor - where the toys are made!

See the transparent block with the red button? That is a light switch!

High chimney!

Grandpa toymaker at work!

Climbing down the ladder after a hard day's work

View through the side window! 

Shopping, anyone? 

Children, would you like to buy some toys?

Sorry, out of stock!

Well, if money can't buy me happiness...

Maybe there is no need to pay for entertainment!


 Let's help set up the Christmas tree!

Winner takes the present!

Full dress rehearsal!

Working late, anyone?

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