Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Our ninth Lego project - 10216 Winter Village Bakery

  • Model: 10216 Winter Village Bakery
  • 687 Pieces
  • Released in 2010
  • Retail price: $54.99 USD
Here it is - the second post in our Seasonal Series! Bought over the long weekend, we have wasted no time in building the set!

10216 Winter Village Bakery

After! Our busy little Winter Village Bakery!

Top down view of the Winter Village Bakery!

Lining them up for our customary minifigs shot!

Christmas tree stand, ice skating rink, Winter Village Bakery and horse carriage!

Following our post on the 10199 Winter Village Toy Shop, we were inspired to get our hands on the other two Lego sets in the Seasonal Series - the 10216 Winter Village Bakery and the 10222 Winter Village Post Office. For now, we have only managed to buy the Winter Village Bakery, which was released by Lego in 2010; the Winter Village Post Office has not been officially released in Singapore (Toy Station, though, has available sets). Nevertheless, we will look to buy, build and post the Winter Village Post Office before Christmas!

At 687 pieces, the Winter Village Bakery is the smallest Lego project we have worked on, never mind the Seasonal Series. However, it is just as aesthetically pleasing as the Winter Village Toy Shop. Taking about four hours to complete, the building experience was short but enjoyable. The Winter Village Bakery officially comes with 7 minifigs, but we would argue that it comes with 8 as there is an additional minifig stuck in the snow (only his feet are showing)! The set also comes with a horse drawn carriage, which adds to the village / non-urban feel.

Design-wise, the Winter Village Bakery, like the Winter Village Toy Shop, is only half-built - the facade is complete from the front but the back is exposed. There seems to be a design flaw in the shop, which does not have a ladder or a staircase for access to the second floor.

Overall, from a play and display perspective, the Winter Village Bakery can stand on its own, but we would propose adding it to the Winter Village Toy Shop to make the village a true hub of activity. Like the Winter Village Toy Shop, it also comes with lighting - we encourage you to check out the rest of our 40-odd pictures of this set. Our verdict on this set? Buy - especially before Christmas!

Christmas trees for sale!

Ready to shovel snow!

Whose floor needs a scrub?

See you around!

Goods on the way!

Horsedrawn carriage comes with whip and axe!

One Christmas tree coming up!

Out of the way!

A well-deserved pat on the head for a hard day's work!


Open top. 1 horsepower engine. Four seater.

What took you so long!

How about a drink before leaving?

Busy skating rink!

Carnival atmosphere!

Nice winter hoodie! Take a picture afterwards!

Skater to the rescue!!!

Need some help here!

Skaters, owl, flags, lights!

Baker's inn!

Hungry, anyone?

Hungry, anyone? With lights!

Fresh out of the oven! 

Takeaway box!

 Right side view of the Winter Village Bakery. Comes with street lamp and Christmas tree!

Left side of the Winter Village Bakery. What a cute chimney!

Front view of second floor. Pretty windows with lights! 

Open for business!

Behind closed doors 

See what we mean by design flaw? :)

Transparent rectangle box is a light bulb!

Oven and pastry display!

Oven, pastries, bread!

How can I help you today? :) 

"My creations, all of them!"

First customer of the day! 

One piping hot croissant, coming up! 

Enough money to buy a Christmas tree! 

Two loaves of bread! 

One loaf please!

Thank you and goodbye!

Our parting shot of the Winter Village Bakery! Hope you have enjoyed our post as much as we enjoyed building it! :)

[Updated 28 Dec 2012: check out the 10216 Winter Village Bakery with the other Winter Village sets in our 4-set MOC Lego Winter Village Town 2012!

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