Sunday, 21 August 2011

Our third Lego project - 10185 Green Grocer

  • Model: 10185 Green Grocer
  • 2352 pieces
  • Released in 2008
  • Retail price: $149.99 USD
Our completed Green Grocer! :) Stayed tuned for our next project, the Grand Emporium!

Following our Lego ship projects (Imperial Flagship and Brickbeard's Bounty), we chanced upon the Modular Building series and we decided to embark on a quest to collect and build all the Lego sets in this series; Green Grocer is our first completed building.

The front of the shop is tiled, a feature of all the Modular Buildings we have seen so far. Kudos to Lego's designers, they have spared no details in stocking this green grocer with fruits, vegetables and even a refrigerator. The second and third floor are realistic looking live-in areas, as evidenced by the mailboxes on the first floor along the walk-through pathway and the rooftop garden and bbq. As with most Modular Buildings, the Green Grocer also comes complete with a fire escape staircase.

The Green Grocer comes with four minifigs, a cat and a mouse. For a more complete play experience, we recommend putting it next to other Modular Buildings; at the time of the publication, Cafe Corner, Market Street, Grand Emporium, Fire Brigade and Pet Shop have been produced by Lego. We urge fellow Lego enthusiasts to collect some, if not all, of the above and combine them to create a beautiful Lego town!

Finally! :)

The third addition to the Modular Buildings series after Cafe Corner and Market Street!

First floor - grocer and walkway. Pathway is fully tiled!

First level completed!

Fruits and veggies for sale! Inside the shop

View of the 1st level with cashier, walkway and stairs to 2nd level. Check out the mailboxes at the bottom of the picture

2nd level front view - windows all sealed!

Close-up of the windows

View from the top of the 2nd level. Check out the cat at the top of the staircase!

First two levels completed; 1st level with two entrances. The entrance on the right has a door leading to a staircase to the 2nd and 3rd levels, while also acting as a walk through pathway to the back of the shop

3rd level

View of the 3rd level from the top

Back view of the 3rd level!

Back view of 3rd level- rooftop garden and bbq spot!

Complete with fire escape staircase and backdoor!

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