Friday, 13 January 2012

Little Yellow Brick Investigates #1: 10224 Town Hall

News has been swirling around about Lego's next Modular Building release - rumoured to be 10224 Town Hall. We at Little Yellow Brick were also part of the bandwagon which helped spread the word.

In our previous post, we asked some questions about the Town Hall's uncanny resemblance to the 10197 Fire Brigade and the 853340 Minifigure Wedding Favour Set. In this post, we will take it one step further and make some pictorial observations.

At the time of publication, we believe we are probably the first blog in the world to do this - please do let us know if someone else has beaten us to this. We invite you to check out our observations below. Thanks!

10224 Town Hall vs 10197 Fire Brigade

1. The shape of the Lego box. We have collected close to 15 different Lego sets, including 6 Modular Buildings and 3 Lego Winter Village sets, yet we have never seen a Lego set that is portrait-shaped.

2. The year at the top floor. Is Lego running out of ideas?

3. The bell tower on top of a clock on top of the Modular Building. Looks suspiciously like the Fire Brigade as well.

10224 Town Hall vs 853340 Minifigure Wedding Favour Set

 4. The wedding couple. They look like they escaped from 853340.

Are we thinking too much? Is Lego running out of ideas? Or is this a hoax? We leave it to readers to decide for now. After all, as the saying goes, the truth will come to light. We wait with abated breath for the next Modular Building to be officially announced (and released) by Lego!

Original 10224 Town Hall post
Little Yellow Brick News #1 - 10224 Town Hall

Updated 10224 Town Hall posts
Little Yellow Brick Investigates #2: 10224 Town Hall
Little Yellow Brick News #2 - 10224 Town Hall Official Release

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  1. On April 7 1891 Ole Kirk Christiansen, founder of the Lego Group, was born. Hence the date on the building. Also if you look at the wedding couple you'll notice that the dress is different. white/ yellow arms, curved/straight collar. Also the groom has different colored arms and print on his upper body in both sets. But i guess all Lego brides and grooms kind of look a like. Also i checked with the Gran Emporium, the suit and dress on display there also differ from the two in these sets.