Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Our Growing Lego Modular Town - Five and Counting

With the completion of our 10190 Market Street set, the next post had to be on our expanding Lego Modular Town, no? :) Well, without much further ado, we present to you our Growing Lego Modular Town - Five and Counting!

Our Modular Town, anchored at a right angle by our Grand Emporium

This post features our latest addition to our Modular Building family - the 1248-piece Market Street, which we completed last week. Our Modular Town is now stocked with shops selling foodstuffs, groceries, pets and toys, while the fire station provides timely firefighting support should the need arise.

The Modular Town is a beautiful kaleidoscope of colours, a generous splash of red, green, yellow and blue. Next up in our series - the 10182 Cafe Corner (the first Modular Building produced by Lego), which we have already bought. More on that post after we complete the set; for now, do click on "Read more" to see more shots of our growing town!

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Focus: Modular Town

Back view of the Modular Town!

Bird's eye view of the left side - roofs at similar height levels

Bird's eye view of the right side - Pet Shop and Market Street have lower roofs

A bit empty, isn't it? Perhaps time to think about adding a standalone building, perhaps a Grand Carousel? :p

This is the reason why the Market Street needs to be the rightmost building - if there is another Modular Building to its right, the balcony will face a wall

Focus: Modular Buildings

Fire Brigade, Green Grocer and Grand Emporium! How many minifigs can you spot? :)

Do you see two minifigs? :)

Who's that cooking? View from the back!

Fire engine on the move!

Look who's sending them off!

Busy town!

Time to chill, away from the hustle and bustle of the town front!

Grand Emporium - middle of our town! 

Shopping time! 

I spy with my little eye a kid in the toys department! 

Around the corner - Pet Shop and Market Street

 Good morning! How are the vegetables today!

You've got mail!

 Another peekaboo shot - busy painter!

10190 Market Street. The tall blue Building has an open window (see the bird's eye view of right side), so it cannot swap places with the shorter Market Place as the window would not be able to open if it is next to a Modular Building

The end of the road! :)

We shall keep the words to a minimum and let you enjoy the visual spectacle. With the inclusion of the Cafe Corner, we will have a complete Modular Town. Another possible addition would be the Grand Carousel, which will add entertainment and many minifigs. As always, we hope you have enjoyed our post!

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