Monday, 26 September 2011

Our sixth Lego project - 10218 Pet Shop

  • Model: 10218 Pet Shop
  • 2032 Pieces
  • Released in 2011
  • Retail price: $149.99 USD

Once again, the grey front tiles are designed to match other Modular Buildings. The Pet Shop is actually made up of two buildings; scroll down to see more pictures of the individual blocks!

The backyard of the Pet Shop. Note that it is two green bases pieced together. The reddish-brown building has a basement!

While most of Singapore was watching the Formula One night street race yesterday, we decided to spend our afternoon and evening building our Pet Shop, which had arrived two weeks ago in the post.

The Pet Shop is our fourth completed structure in our Modular Building series - after Green Grocer, Grand Emporium and Fire Brigade - and it is truly unique. Our first three completed buildings were comprised of one structure each; contrast this with the Pet Shop, which is made of two distinct blocks, each of which can independently join itself to a Modular Building. In terms of similarity, the Pet Shop blocks each have three storeys (in fact, the reddish-brown block has a basement), and comprise a shophouse (sky blue) and apartment (reddish-brown).

In terms of building experience, the Pet Shop's 2032 pieces are fewer than our previous three Modular projects. Difficulty-wise, as the building project was divided into two smaller blocks, we found it less time-consuming and challenging. Nevertheless, given that we were working on a 2 x 3-storey building, the overall building time was comparable to the other Modular buildings.

The Pet Shop is aesthetically pleasing. The reddish-brown apartment contrasts well with the sky blue shophouse. In terms of number of colours, the Pet Shop is definitely more vibrant compared to the Green Grocer, Grand Emporium and Fire Brigade.

Lastly, in terms of play experience, the Pet Shop comes with four minifigs and many pets (dog, cat, rat, parrots, fish). The shop can operate on its own, given that the apartment and shophouse have living quarters. Of course, the Pet Shop was not created to stand by itself; as a member of the growing Modular Building series, it is a great addition to a growing Modular town (more on that in a later post). Our parting comment for this summary? For Modular Building collectors: you don't have a choice! For others: it provides a relatively enjoyable building experience and a nice display item in the living room.

Building the Pet Shop
Getting started

The Pet Shop comes with 4 packs and 2 instruction manuals; each block takes 2 packs and 1 book!

First Half: Apartment

This reddish-brown block comes with a basement and three storeys. It also comes with a small rooftop garden on the third floor.

Shots of the basement. The height of the basement is shorter the minifigs - a design flaw? Basement is accessible from the back of the apartment. 

Inside the 1st level. The apartment has a nice spiral staircase, which on this floor is cleverly designed to seal off the toilet. Small and cosy living area complete with flowers and sofa!

Another shot of the 1st level. The basement is accessible via a trap door next to the sofa!

The toilet! The only one in our Modular town so far! :)

Front view of the 1st level from the outside. Every Modular building comes with a mailbox; perhaps we will be seeing a Post Office modular building soon? :p

Let's admire the flowers again!

Back view of 1st floor and basement. As mentioned earlier, the basement is accessible via the two doors next to the stairs.

Top down view of the 2nd level. Painter busy at work!

Front view of 2nd level. Pet Shop designers love flowers!

Front view of the first 2 levels + basement

Top-down view of 3rd level. Comes with a nice rooftop garden!

Top-down view of the first 3 levels + basement!

Close-up view of the rooftop garden!

Top it up with a roof.. and...

Wa la! First half completed!

Every Modular building comes with two connectors on the right and two connecting cogs on the left. Next up: the shophouse!

Second Half: Shophouse

Level 1 - comes with an aquarium, dog (with bone!) and cat (bottom right)! Not forgetting the 2 parrots at the window display! The dog's cubicle is covered by the staircase, which we have pushed up!

Top-down view of the 1st level with the staircase in its proper place

What's a pet shop without a cashier?

Cashier from another angle. Roaring business! What is our cat busy with?

Smell a rat, anyone?

Mouse and bin with hairbrush hehe

And here's the fishie!

Next to the doggie!

Front view of the 1st level - dog bones and play ball, anyone?

Back view of 1st level 

2nd level - Comes complete with a fireplace, cooking, washing area and even a coffee machine!

Another view of the 2nd level. Coffee table and chair are located next to the straight staircase (contrast this to the apartment block, which has a spiral staircase)

Front view of 2nd level. Again, let's take some time to admire the beautiful flowers...

Front view of the first 2 levels

3rd level - comes with a bed and table lamp!

Top-down view of the 3 levels

Completed 3rd level with roof

The completed shophouse!

And now... Combining both buildings... We have...

The Pet Shop! Seeing double? :) Well, we did mention that the two buildings were distinct entities!

Which do you prefer? :)

Now that we have a completed Pet Shop, how does it look with the rest of our Modular Buildings? Stay tuned for our next post, our growing Lego Modular Town!

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  1. I really like these modular buildings although I only have two at the moment (Grand Emporium and Pet Store).

    My Pet Store came with a wrong piece though, instead of a sloped roof piece (8 long) for the back of the first floor, it was a regular 8x2 brick. Kind of interesting I guess. :)

  2. Hi,
    You can request for Lego to send a replacement part.
    We did that for a faulty piece from our castle series (will be posting on them soon!!)

    Lego sent us the replacement piece in less than a month!
    Hope this helps! Happy building!

  3. This one is Great very detailed

  4. Thanks! =) This set is one of our favourites! If you haven't already, please get a set and build it!