Tuesday, 6 March 2012

10210 Imperial Flagship MOC - Officers on Deck!

Look who just joined the Imperial Flagship!
Two King George's Officers! (We shall give them the rank of Captain!)

Sneak preview - where are they going? Check out the pictures in the extended post!

Welcome to the Imperial Flagship!

Reporting for duty, Sir!

Officers on deck!

Inspecting the Guard of Honour!

Lieutenants in front, men at the back!

Parade Ongoing!

The King George's Officers are distinctly different from the sailors of the Pirates series. Besides the different head and hand colours, they also sport white trimmings on their caps. But the most significant difference is the sash cum sword scabbard, which keeps their hands free.

With the addition of the two Captains, our Imperial Flagship MOC staff headcount goes up to 12 - we had taken two troops from 6243 Brickbeard's Bounty, and bought another two; on the flipside, we passed the two pirates to Brickbeard's. The boat, as mentioned in our previous posts, is from Brickbeard's as well. Do explore our Imperial Flagship vs Brickbeard's Bounty post for a full writeup!

We bought only the Officers as we did not feel that we needed another Pirate ship, while the officers looked too cool not to be a ship as magnificent as the 10210 Imperial Flagship.

Well, we've said too much as usual. Stay tuned for our next post on this series - Imperial Flagship vs Brickbeard's Bounty - Part 2!

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  1. Thank you! You know, it's getting a bit challenging to grow our collection as these sets take up a lot of space. So the next best thing is to improve on what we already have! These two King George's Officers are the best example!