Sunday, 29 June 2014

Little Yellow Brick WTB: Looking for 6051 Duplo Play with Letters

Hello everybody!

We are looking for this set. If you have one and willing to sell it to us/ship to Singapore, let us know the condition of the set, price, shipping cost and estimated shipping period. Drop us an email!

Thank you!

Our 10185 Green Grocer is still available! Drop us an email if keen! Thanks!


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    1. Thank you! We managed to get our Duplo set eventually!

  2. Hi @ all,

    First of all I have to say that I really like your Blog!!!
    And I have visited it for 15-20 times during the last months.

    To be honest I was thinking that maybe I will contact you regarding the Green Grocer which you want to sell in your shop.

    But I honestly have to say that in my opinion your price is much too high.
    Your price is: 1300 SGD
    That`s 790€ / 1050 US$

    Via Bricklink every one who wants to can order the Green Grocer for about 650-750 US$

    Please don`t get me wrong, my comment should be just a friendly opinion from Lego-Fan to Lego-Fan!

    Best Regards from Germany