Sunday, 5 August 2012

Little Yellow Brick Celebrates The 2012 Olympics!

The 2012 Olympics is well underway, and Little Yellow Brick salutes the athletes in the Games! Using our existing Lego collection, we have posted some shots to celebrate some of the sports!

What sports do these minifigs represent?

Check out our extended post to find out!

Archery! (Well, we have to make do with the crossbow from the 7946 King's Castle!)

Cycling - courtesy of 10185 Green Grocer!

Besides jousting, our Falcon knight from our 10223 Kingdoms Joust set is also capable of participating in equestrian!

A King's George's fencer!

Javelin thrower from 10193 Medieval Market Village!

Pistol shooter from 10210 Imperial Flagship!

Another contribution from 10210 Imperial Flagship - rifle!

Not to be outdone, our 6243 Brickbeard's Bounty set offers rowing!

Last but not least, table tennis from 10197 Fire Brigade!

That's it from us for now! We might have missed out some sports which our minifigs can represent. If so, please do let us know! =)

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