Saturday, 22 December 2012

Our 15th Lego project - 10229 Winter Village Cottage

  • Model: 10229 Winter Village Cottage
  • 1490 Pieces
  • Released in 2012 
  • Retail price: $99.99 USD

  • Here it is! Just in time for Christmas! Wow.. the last time we wrote a post on our Lego projects was in July 2012! It really has been a long time aye? We hope to catch up on our Lego building in 2013!

    Building packs for 10229 Winter Village Cottage!

    Our customary minifig lineup shot!

    Front top view!

    Top view of the set!
    The 10229 Winter Village Cottage is the fourth installment of the Winter Village series, after the 10199 Winter Village Toy Shop, 10216 Winter Village Bakery and 10222 Winter Village Post Office. At 1490 pieces, the Winter Village Cottage is by the far the largest set in the series, and the most intricate set in our opinion.

    As with the other Lego seasonal series, this set comes with plenty of minifigs. 8 minifigs to be exact - according to internet sources, they are mum, dad, grandma, grandpa, 3 children and snowplough driver. The set comes with a cottage (double storey, equipped with a kitchen, fire place which lights up and a bedroom with toys!), a storage shed, an igloo and a snowplough. So without further ado.. let our pictures do the talking! Next up: adding this set to form our complete Lego Winter Village Town MOC 2012!

    Winter Village Cottage
    The main building of the set is a double storey building which comes with a street lamp and ornamental lights.

    Pstttttttt can you spot the difference?
    Yes! The fireplace on level 1 can be lighted up! All Lego sets in the winter series have a light-up brick, and the Winter Village Cottage is no exception. :)

     View of the street lamp
    View from the left side of the Cottage!
    View from the right side of the cottage - comes with a fireplace chimney

    Side view of the Winter Village Cottage

    View of the Cottage with the roof open

    View of the Cottage from the top with the roof open

    Let's begin with the back view of the first level of the Winter Village Cottage. It consists of a living area and a kitchen for the Lego family.

     Here's a better view of the second level

    And our minifigs have come out to play! Hehehe

    Here's papa reading his newspaper on his favourite sofa infront of the Christmas tree.
    Check out the chandelier. :)

    There's even a wall painting!!

    Now you see it..

    Now you don't!

    Here's the kitchen - equipped with a stove, oven and tap! Love the mosaic kitchen tiles.. so retro :)

    What's in those drawers??
     The other side of the kitchen comes with drawers and a mirror

    Hello there!

    Children's room equipped with a bed, aeroplane and ball

    Comfortable bed!

    Winter Village Storage Shed

     Front view of our storage shed with equipment

    Left view of the storage shed

     Right view of the storage shed

     Sneak peek into his tools

    Top view of the shed - we realised that all the roofs have gaps in between. Snow fall? 

    Snow shed and our lumberjack!

    Check out all his tools!

    Time to get cracking!

    Winter Village Cottage Igloo

     Front view of our igloo and the resident owl

    Left view of the igloo

    Right view of the igloo

    Top view of the closed igloo

    Igloo opened!

    Top view of the opened igloo

    Peekie boo!

    Someone's hiding...


    Skiing, anyone?

    Let's play!!! :)
    Winter Village Snowplough


    Right view - the walkie talkie seems to be a standard issue for Lego vehicles (think police stations!)

    Left view - hopefully the broom won't need to be used!

    Top view 

    It's time to keep our streets snow-free!

     The Winter Village Cottage Set also comes with a sled
    Comes with a pail!

    Let's go!!

    The Winter Village Cottage was quite a build for the both of us - while the structures were pretty easy builds, the intricacy in the different sections/levels in the cottage resulted in us taking quite a while to complete the cottage structure. Nevertheless, the Cottage is a must-have for all Lego collectors of the Lego seasonal series! We really love how the Cottage looks together with our other three Lego Winter Village Series sets - more on that in our Lego Winter Village Town 2012 post!

    Here you have it - our completed 10229 Winter Village Cottage

    The trick to having a winter backdrop - white mahjong paper and wall!

    Top view of our minifigs at work!

    Snow plough man hard at work!

    That's all for now.
    Stay tuned for our post on our updated Lego Winter Village MOC
    Have a blessed Christmas everyone!

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    1. awesome!!!!!!! put them all 4 sets together!! looking forward to read soon

      1. Yes!!!

        We bought new base plates and rearranged our Winter Village sets.. Hope to complete the post before Christmas tomorrow!

        Blessed Christmas!! :)