Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Little Yellow Brick Pick #12 - Lego Friends Brick Calendar 850581

Hello everybody.. it's been a while since we have had a Little Yellow Brick Pick post.
There's a backlog of new products we have acquired to share/review.. but today, let me share with you all my latest toy and excitement!

Presenting our new Lego lifestyle product
Lego Friends Brick Calendar 850581

I knew that I just had to get myself a set when I saw it on sale on lego.com around a month back. There's also the Lego Friends Pencil Holder which I'm eyeing - although I don't have any use for it though. Hah!
I really like the Friends series.. Maybe the Mister may wanna consider collecting a new series? *hint hint*

I wasn't hoping that I would find this when I visited Secret Chamber Holland Village over the weekend.. But boy am I so so happy to own such a happy looking set! Heh. And hey, it was on offer at $18.90, which is pretty much almost the same price in the US! :)

 Look at all the pretty looking Lego pieces! I really love the colours!

A close up of the Lego bricks

Till our April Brick Calendar post! :)

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