Saturday, 7 February 2015

Little Yellow Brick Pick # 17: 10246 Detective's Office

The sets are arriving faster than we have time to build them! Our backlog of Modular Buildings is now two sets - 10243 Parisian Restaurant (released last year) and now the 10246 Detective's Office. Series-wise, we are yet to post the series with the 10232 Palace Cinema, which we have completed but haven't found the time (and space) to create a post on the growing Modular Town.

We will eventually get there, but for now, we shall proudly present to you our latest collection to the Modular Building series!

Front View of the Box

Back View. Seems like the Modular Town isn't one continuous stretch anymore.
Just one quick comment before we sign off. The box for this set is a bit thicker than the smaller, standard-issue ones such as the 10185 Green Grocer, 10197 Fire Brigade or 10218 Pet Shop. Bye!

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