Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Our Lego Winter Village Town MOC - 10199 Winter Village Toy Shop, 10216 Winter Village Bakery, 10222 Winter Village Post Office, 10229 Winter Village Cottage, 10235 Winter Village Market and 10245 Santa's Workshop!

Dashing through the snow to bring you Little Yellow Brick's Lego Winter Village Town MOC 2014, which includes the 10245 Santa's Workshop!

Our busy little Lego Winter Village Town! Picture comes with a curtain and wine chiller (kekeke)

This is probably the last Lego Winter Village MOC to use four base plates. Our town is getting a little too cramped for comfort! We actually did buy two new base plates, but the whole town looked a bit sparse! Next year then!

Shot taken from behind the stands. You can see that there are three main alleys - the first two alleys are motorised vehicle roads, while the rightmost alley is reserved only for reindeer!

Top view of our Lego Winter Village Town MOC. The picket fences are courtesy of Bricks World, who invited us to the launch of their Suntec City branch, which also happens to be Singapore's first Lego-certified store! Thank you Bricks World!
You will see that we have kept some of the designs from yesteryear, such as keeping the stands all on one side, and the carousel in the middle. Another unique design we decided to retain was our pine tree forest! This year, we went one better - we fenced it up!
Alright, enough said. As usual, enjoy the rest of the pictures in the complete post, and have a blessed Christmas! Thank you for supporting our blog!
The Little Yellow Bricks
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The carousel behind Santa's reindeer sleigh! Also comes with a stray white horse at the side! =)
Side view of the carousel. Someone forgot his or her coffee! And watch where you're going kitty!
Have you heard? Santa's in town!
A pretty crowded theme park! Notice the three children - two at the games stand, and one behind the carousel!
This year, we decided to combine the lumber mill and the Christmas tree stand! Helping them save on transportation cost! On a separate note, don't you just love the picket fence!
Next to our Christmas tree stand is a food street!
A close-up shot of the food street! Starting with the pastries stand!
Sweets shop!
Hot dog stand, next to a bench with our Toy Shop staff and cat!
Next up, our Toy Shop and Bakery! And not forgetting our horse carriage delivering a Christmas tree!
As we make our way around the corner, we see the igloo, pavilion, skating rink and Christmas tree!
At the end of the street is the Cottage! And parked in front of it is the Post Office's delivery van!
Let's explore the next alley. First up is the igloo, with a boy who probably won't be receiving presents from Santa...
The pavilion, skating rink and Christmas tree. The carollers practising for their big day, the usual rescue mission at the skating rink, and the ladder next to the Christmas tree! Note the picket fence!
A view from the opposite angle. Snow mobile in action!
Shot taken from just behind the Post Office. Picket fence providing safety to kids playing in the Winter Village Market!
Picture of the Post Office and the delivery van, taken from behind the Christmas tree
Close-up shot of the Post Office. Santa's elf is collecting a letter!
Registered mail for Santa!
Post Office and Santa's Workshop. Notice that the Santa's Workshop is slightly higher - we added one more layer of brick on the left cottage to secure the workshop to the base plate, and put flat bricks under the right cottage (because of the angle, a normal brick wouldn't click with the cottage base)
Kids with their ski equipment!
Our friendly elf/workshop staff (in this MOC, elves are humans with elven hats and fake elven ears) with presents that Santa will be giving out later!
Toys being produced in real time! Meanwhile, Santa assesses two children on whether they've been naughty or nice!
Santa's Workshop. Note the North Pole sign on the right!
Another classic LYB shot - the Toy Shop owner putting the nose on the snowman!
Ending the post with our latest addition - the reindeer and Christmas tree from Santa's Workshop! Happy holidays!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Looks a bit cluttered at the front but it should get better this year when we add two more base plates! It's getting more challenging to put the town together as there are just so many sets and minifigs to arrange. But when it's set up it just looks amazing!

    2. Great job! Looks great, as always. I think the more you add the better it looks. I'm sure it will look fine with the two more base plates even if you think it might be bear. Good job, I'm excited to see what winter village set comes out next year.