Friday, 19 December 2014

Our 19th Lego project - 10245 Santa's Workshop

Model: 10245 Santa's Workshop
  • 883 Pieces
  • Released in 2014
  • Retail price: $69.99 USD 

  • Hot on the heels of the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer post comes our official post on the 10245 Santa's Workshop! The sixth set in the Lego Winter Village series, this set promises to be a game changer in many ways!

    View from the top!

    How is it different from the previous sets, besides the lack of the term "Winter Village" in its name? We note the following:
    1. It has a bunch of imaginary characters - Santa, Mrs. Santa (is there even such a character, even in the imaginary world?), 4 adult reindeer, a reindeer fawn, and 4 elves!
    2. The workshop comprises two side shops which are joined together at an unusual angle. This is a challenge for our expanding Lego Winter Village MOC.
    3. The set has a Christmas tree but it is not a pine tree.
    4. Its mode of transport is other-worldly (?) - Santa's sleigh, drawn by 4 adult reindeer!
    5. There are two keys to the doors - we don't know if this is a first for all Lego sets, but definitely for the Lego Modular and Winter Village series!
    The powers-that-be in Lego's creation department probably meant for the 10245 Santa's Workshop to be a standalone set. With props such as a sign that says "North Pole", it is not hard to imagine that they intended the set to be played as a dreamy toy factory located somewhere far, far away to the north. However, this set can still be incorporated as part of a bigger Lego Winter Village MOC - stay tuned for that!
    Besides the four items mentioned above, the 10245 Santa's Workshop also comes equipped with an independent toy production machine with a conveyor belt, presumably operated by our friendly elves. All in all, a simply adorable set that promises to be a hit with children and the young-at-heart (which pretty much covers all Lego collectors)!

    View from the front!
    With the appearance of Santa, his sleigh and a bunch of cute reindeer, you can be assured that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer won't be the last you'll hear from us of a white-bearded old man in a red costume - strangely enough, he doesn't have a paunch! - who goes around handing gifts to well-behaving children! Anyway, enough said. Enjoy the pictures in the full post and thank you for reading our blog as always! Blessed Christmas!
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    As always, let's take a closer look at the different components of the set.

    Characters and props

    Santa and his gifts!

    The main protagonist himself, Santa comes prepared with gifts, a fairy wand and a guitar! Again, we note that Santa has slimmed down somewhat... :P

    Mrs. Santa with pastries!

    Mrs. Santa, with her apron and all, baking a storm for Santa and his elves! Ok, maybe not Santa, since he's so thin!

    Our 4 elves, hard at work!
    In case you were wondering how the ears work, they are part of the green hat! Pretty clever if you ask us!
    The reindeer - four adults and a fawn! The four adult reindeer are strapped up and ready to go!
    The back view of the sleigh and the reindeer. Notice that the adult reindeer have fur!
    In our opinion, the reindeer are the most interesting. For more close-up pictures of them, please refer to our blog post on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!


    For a lack of a better term, this would refer to the non-character parts of the set!

    Just in case anyone had doubts about where Santa is from... As for the tree, maybe it's too cold for pine trees to grow? =)

    To cater to the needs of all the children in the world, only an industrial grade toy production machine will do, equipped with a conveyor belt!
    The machine comes with red and green lights to indicate production status!

    An efficient machine churning out toys...
    ... driven by serious engine power!
    And last but not least, the workshop itself! Like all the previous Winter Village sets before, the 10245 Santa's Workshop is a half set i.e. the back is exposed. Comes with a second floor which acts as Santa's study, a fireplace, and a separate workshop for handmade toys!
    Santa's Workshop, complete with lights! (Wonder where the electricity comes from! KEKEKEKE)
    The view from the left side. As mentioned earlier, the workshop has been connected at an angle, and this is apparent from this picture. On this end, there are lamps and a bit of grass (in the North Pole?!)
    The view from the other side. Comes with a chimney and two large giant candies! Is this a workshop or a sweetshop?!
    The whole point of the Santa's Workshop is, erm, the workshop, so let's take a closer look at the interior, and how it could possibly be played!
    The front view of the two-storey main shopfront. Comes with a clock (Santa has 45 minutes to deliver all his presents) and a door with a golden key!
    Welcome in!
    This welcome mat is definitely customised for Santa!
    Mrs. Santa at home on the first floor. There is a picture of her and Santa in Fiji (probably to recover from the exhaustion of delivering presents and to escape the cold!), while the fireplace provides some warmth! Note the ladder which leads to Santa's study!
    Santa on his hot seat / throne! With a cuppa and flame torch for lighting and warmth! Note the letters by the side, addressed to Santa!
    Side cottage door. Comes with a peek-a-boo window!
    The door comes with a golden key too!
    Meanwhile, our friendly elf crew are slogging away to meet the deadline!
    Ever heard about Santa making a list? =P
    Well, that's all we have for the 10245 Santa's Workshop. Stay tuned for our annual Lego Winter Village MOC, and thank you for reading our blog as always!


    1. This really is not a game changer set at all, in fact, this is my least favorite of the winter village sets. I do like it, but it is not nearly as good as the other WV sets. (WV=Winter Village). They start out making the first few winter sets, its good, popular, but then. THEN they get to the cottage. That went through the roof, hands down a pretty great set. In fact, that is my favorite LEGO set EVER!! Thing slowly go down hill completely, and when they get to the santas workshop, it does not have the inner detail like the cottage, or even any flooring! And why did they not add Winter Village to the title. They're starting to break away from tradition. I think this really is just the bad apple of the bunch. I still like it, it's fine, but not great. My ratings for winter village are as follow 1.Winter Village Cottage(A++++++++++) 2. Winter Village Toy Shop(A) 3. A tie from the WV Bakery(A-) and WV Market(A-) 4. WV Post office(B). 5.(Apparently not winter village) Santa's Workshop(C+). I think a lot of people are thinking the same thing, but next year LEGO BETTER wow us!!

      1. I also forgot to take note that there is no light brick!!!! The market has an excuse but this certainly does not. And there is no single piece animals or trees. We get those cute little Christmas trees in all the other sets but not this one. It is also disappointing that they did not including the little cute kittens and dogs or some single brick animal, like they have in every other set!