Monday, 24 December 2012

Our Lego Winter Village Town MOC - 10199 Winter Village Toy Shop, 10216 Winter Village Bakery, 10222 Winter Village Post Office and 10229 Winter Village Cottage!

Here is it!! Our expanded and completed Lego Winter Village Town 2012!! 10199 Winter Village Toy Shop, 10216 Winter Village Bakery10222 Winter Village Post Office and 10229 Winter Village Cottage! We had to purchase an additional grey base-plate and rearranged the Winter buildings and our white plates to accommodate our growing Winter Village Town.

We are so glad to complete this entry in time for Christmas!

Have a blessed Christmas and a great new year everybody! :)

 Little Yellow Brick's Lego Winter Village Town 

 View of our Winter Village Town from the left!

View from the right

View from the top

 View from the top left

View from the top right

Read more about our growing Winter Village Town 2012 here!!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Our 15th Lego project - 10229 Winter Village Cottage

  • Model: 10229 Winter Village Cottage
  • 1490 Pieces
  • Released in 2012 
  • Retail price: $99.99 USD

  • Here it is! Just in time for Christmas! Wow.. the last time we wrote a post on our Lego projects was in July 2012! It really has been a long time aye? We hope to catch up on our Lego building in 2013!

    Building packs for 10229 Winter Village Cottage!

    Our customary minifig lineup shot!

    Front top view!

    Top view of the set!
    The 10229 Winter Village Cottage is the fourth installment of the Winter Village series, after the 10199 Winter Village Toy Shop, 10216 Winter Village Bakery and 10222 Winter Village Post Office. At 1490 pieces, the Winter Village Cottage is by the far the largest set in the series, and the most intricate set in our opinion.

    As with the other Lego seasonal series, this set comes with plenty of minifigs. 8 minifigs to be exact - according to internet sources, they are mum, dad, grandma, grandpa, 3 children and snowplough driver. The set comes with a cottage (double storey, equipped with a kitchen, fire place which lights up and a bedroom with toys!), a storage shed, an igloo and a snowplough. So without further ado.. let our pictures do the talking! Next up: adding this set to form our complete Lego Winter Village Town MOC 2012!

    Saturday, 1 December 2012

    Little Yellow Brick Pick #11 - 10229 Winter Village Cottage

    Introducing our newest buy! 10229 Winter Village Cottage!
    Fresh from this afternoon's purchase!
    We have been so excited hearing all the hype on this latest set to the Lego Seasonal Series.
    With our latest addition, we can now continue building our Lego Winter Town... it's also time to purchase some more white plates! Hehe!

     We both can't wait to start building it tonight!!

    Spent the afternoon updating our blog links and adding our new purchases in the list! We will be blogging about our other new purchases after we complete the Winter series!

    As usual, stay tuned!!!!!

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    Psssssssst... look out for our winter series entries.. coming up soon!

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