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Our 18th Lego Project - 10232 Palace Cinema

Model: 10232 Palace Cinema
2194 pieces
Released in 2013
Retail price: $149.99 USD

Yup! We have finally built the 10232 Palace Cinema modular building! Although we completed the building in January we only got down to taking photos this month! Hehe.

Presenting our 18th Lego project..... 10232 Palace Cinema! :)

All eyes on our star minifig arriving at the Palace Cinema for her movie premiere!

Round the corner from Movie Boulevard!

Time for the grand entrance!

Our 10232 Palace Cinema box. Bought in Munich while we were traveling! Notice that the box front doesn't indicate the number of pieces?

Back of the box

The 10232 Palace Cinema is the 8th modular building released by Lego. It is also the first entertainment hangout where our town's minifigs can wind down after a hard week's work!

The third corner modular building after the 10182 Cafe Corner and the 10211 Grand Emporium, the 10232 Palace Cinema is a grand structure which rivals the colossal 10224 Town Hall in height. It is also the first modular building set to have "portable" structures - the floodlights and barriers are to be placed along the street. Additionally, the limousine is also expected to be outside of the pavement (the 10197 Fire Brigade also has a fire engine, but building has been designed to allow the entrance and exit of the vehicle).

The 10232 Palace Cinema is a lovely addition to the Lego Modular Town family. We are excited about combining it with our  Lego Modular Town. Stay tuned for our next post in this series!

Click on the extended post to check out our full analysis! 

Getting Started!

As always, there was an inertia to get started on a Lego construction project, as we needed to commit a good five to six hours to build the set up. But like all our previous sets, once we got going, we couldn't stop!

First floor

The 10182 Cafe Corner was the first Modular building released by Lego - a simple search on Google will confirm that. Needless to say, it also goes by logic that it is the first corner modular building too. Our take on the set was that it was a shell - beautiful on the outside, empty on the inside. Literally. Without dwelling too much on the specifics in this post, we are pleased that Lego has worked on the interior design of subsequent modular - corner ones especially - buildings. The 10232 Palace Cinema has the trappings of a bona fide movie theatre: a snack stand, a box office, and a staircase leading to the theatre. Now that's what we call a real building!

Front view of the first floor!

Left side view - movie posters!

Right side view - sale of movie tickets!

Interior design of the first floor! Box office on the left, popcorn stand on the right!

Popcorn stand! A mouthwatering variety of snacks!

Staff at the counter! Open for business!

View of the staircase and the box office!

View from another angle!

How many tickets please?

Our movie star walking down the stairs!

Second floor

The second storey of the 10232 Palace Cinema consists of the theatre. Equipped with six seats, we feel that the floor could fit several more seats! We also note that Lego has used different staircases for each floor; while the first floor has black-coloured stairs with a hand railing, the second floor has a brown staircase without hand railings.

Front view of the second storey

View from the left side

 View from the right side

Top view of the second floor - six viewing seats and one for the movie screener staff!

Close-up view with the screen on the left and the screening equipment on the right!

View of the movie screen!
Movie screening in progress!

Staff are given priority in viewing!


The 10232 Palace Cinema is a two-storey building. This makes it the second such building in the Modular series, with the 10197 Fire Brigade being the other. The roof of the 10232 Palace Cinema is tall, helping the building to be taller than most of its predecessors in the series.

Front view of the roof. Did Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lose his weapons?

 Back view. Somewhat disappointed that the roof is deliberately left incomplete

Top view of the roof. Interesting choice for the door. What if it rains? Oh, maybe it NEVER rains in the Lego world! =)

Miss Minnie Figure says hi!

Minifigs, Props and Car

The 10232 Palace Cinema comes with 6 minifigs, an open top limousine, two barriers and two floodlights. Let's take a look at them.

Luxury car for a superstar!

No car plate number!

Time for the premiere!

Front view of the limousine! (Pardon the dust, it's been too long!)

Line up for your autographs!

We hope you have enjoyed our post. We know it has taken a while for us to actually get down to building the set, and another eternity to take the pictures, and yet another inordinate amount of time to edit the photos and post on this blog. Apologies for the delay, and we will endeavour to get the next post out soon!

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