Tuesday, 4 October 2011

What's In the Post #2: 10190 Market Street

Well, before we get all excited about the latest addition to our collection, let us take a moment to celebrate Little Yellow Brick crossing the 1,000 pageview mark today! Thank you all for your support, and we hope you will continue to visit this blog and recommend others to do so as well! Lastly, we hope that the flag counter also keeps rising! :)

Alrighty, we shall not digress from the main topic... 

Look what arrived today!!!

Moments before it was opened!

10190 Market Street

Here it is!!!

Back view of the Market Street. Being a secondhand opened set, the box is understandably slightly damaged. But it's ok! :)

We managed to snap this really good deal just over a week ago; however, this previously opened set comes with three missing pieces. Not a problem though - we will be hunting for the missing pieces to complete the building!

Designed by a Lego fan, 10190 Market Street is the second set in Lego's Modular Building series after 10182 Cafe Corner. Released by Lego in 2007, the Market Street is relatively hard to find nowadays, so we are very happy and grateful to get a set!

We are now left with 10182 Cafe Corner to complete our Modular Town. Well, it's about time to remove the Market Street from our wishlist! Stay tuned for our post on building the 10190 Market Street!

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