Friday, 21 October 2011

What's In the Post #4: 10182 Cafe Corner

At long last!!!

What could it be? :)

Second layer: bubble wrap!

Third layer: cardboard... How much longer must we wait?!

Presenting... The 10182 Cafe Corner!!!!

Front view - secondhand opened set purchase, so wear and tear is to be expected!

Back view of the Cafe Corner!
We bought this set secondhand from Ebay at a reasonable price; being the first Modular building (released in 2007), the Cafe Corner's value has gone up with time. With this purchase, we now have a complete set of Modular Buildings (in chronological order of production):

Well, that's all from us for now. As always, stay tuned for our posts on the 10190 Market Street (we are waiting for our replacement parts), the 10182 Cafe Corner, and the growing Lego Modular Town!

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